Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Entry

Well I should start by introducing myself, name is Sebastian. The name Sebastian is not even a name that my friends or family call me, it's more of a............... well lets just say that when you go to a restaurant and you give them the name Mike, you are likely to have someone else jump up and take your table. Sebastian is one of those names that will get you all kinds of reactions from "what the &#@*" to "I really like your name" and from time to time people can't help but just laugh. Now Sebastian's Dream may not be revealed in my first couple of posts but in time you will all know. I know that I am one bad speller so if you are on of those people that go crazy because people can't spell...then this blog may not be for you, but if you want something creative and all over the place this may be one to check in on every once and a while. I may not be as captivating a writer as those that write say my favorite shows 24 and Lost, but I promise I will try to keep it intersting and funny AND maybe even a sometimes deep. I'm gonna wrap it up for this entry. I just wanted to get my feet wet with blogging.....I think it went pretty good for my first time.