Monday, April 27, 2009


It's been a pretty normal day thus far...well up until a few moments ago. Ellie and I were enjoying some time bowling on the wii and Jen was watching some videos on her computer. Ellie was wanting to be a four year old and watch videos at the same time, and for those of you that are type "A" like myself and need to keep a schedule even when it comes to video games, knows doing both was not an option.-FINISH THE GAME, then we can watch. Well I could here the videos go from singing and dancing and laughter to a familiar voice. At this point I'm done with wanting to finish this game and to be honest the four year old was getting on my nerves. Frustrated and ready for bed we finally finished the game...then I really began to listen. Steven Curtis Chapman was singing and explaining why he wrote the song Cinderella. For those of you that are not familiar with the song or story, he lost one of his little girls not that long ago and she was only a few months older than Ellie is now. Knowing that and hearing the song brought tears to my eyes in only seconds. As I he was saying, "cherish every second and moment" I looked down to see my little girl standing in my size 10 tennis shoes watching the screen with not a care in the world. My frustration had disappeared and the only thing I wanted, was to hold her. I listened to the rest of the song with her asking me why I was crying and if I was gonna cry all night.

As Jen and I put her to bed she prayed one of her best prayers and thanked Jesus for EVERYTHING, even his blood that he shed on the cross for us all. I almost got saved all over again. Then I said "your my girl" as I always say when I leave her and she said, like she always does, "your my boy"!

Lesson tonight: don't be stupid. Its only a bowling game...and she's four...and your her world. Just enjoy it while I have it to enjoy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So if you had a posse of people that you rolled with, who would be in it? That's exactly what my friend Bejay and I thought about and came up with. You walk into a room, who walks in with you? You stop to take a picture, who's in the background with you? You pull up in your ride, what are you rolling in? Well this is how Sebastian and Bejay roll.
Number one man for me, Bob Ross. Who doesn't want that paintbrush backing you up? Number two John Stamos. Now I am not talking about John now in the present, I'm talking about Jesse and the Rippers John. Mullet, rock star, and the 80's. oh yes! Number three was the toughest choice of all. There are two people that serve the same purpose but go about it two different ways. Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris. I am a huge 24 fan but not everybody likes Jack. I choose Chuck. Next is someone to make you laugh. Chris Rock. He will make you laugh. Maybe not the cleanest mouth but I could think of a lot worse. When your rolling you need political influence and what better guy than the one Republican that can get millions of democrats to vote for him...Arnold. He has international connections as well as strength himself in case some one needs persuaded(you know to back up Chuck). Now I know that that is 5 people and i said give me your best 5, well one more that we think is a must is Emmanuel Lewis. He hangs with Arnold.
How do we get from one place to another you ask? A 1978 Scout International. I don't think I need to explain the picturesqueness of the seven of us cruisin in that. Bob's fro, Jesse's mullet with nothing but wind telling it who's boss. Arnold with the little guy sittin right beside him in one seat belt. Chuck is navigating while Chris drives through the streets of Kuna. All while Bejay and Sebastian stand in the back leaning on the roll bar of our Scout just lookin on like we own the world.
Who would be in your posse and how would you roll? Lets see what kind of awesome teams that we can come up with.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A night to remember...

When all a little girl does is play dress up and watch movies like Cinderella, Enchanted, The Little Mermaid and whatever else has a princess or a fairy tail ending, what goes through her mind when she is about to experience her very first BALL? Well I hope I lived up to the dream. I had the privilege of taking my little princess on her very first date. At the age of 4 it's not about what will I tell my friends when it's all over or even how she looks. I know, I know they want to look precious and beautiful and dashing and everything else that represents a princess but....not all night. I'll get to that point in a minute. I took Ellie to our very first father-daughter ball. Four hours of "Am I making this out to be everything she ever wanted?" When the lights went out and the little girl I carried back to the truck had had enough, I think I did OK. Little girls love to least mine does. And boy did we. Started the night out with a simple one..two..rock two..rock step with a spin your partner (if your good enough) to ending the night "AT THE CAR WASH". We did about every dance party dance there was. I think I lost weight..I danced a lot. The most precious part of the evening was when Ellie needed to give her little legs a break, so we headed to the chocolate fountain. Once we got back to our table my date proceeded to dig in. This is where the "looking all dolled up" isn't everything. I was enjoying mine when I noticed Ellie was really enjoying hers. Chocolate on her dress and ALL over her face. I loved it. I knew in that moment my princess was still my little girl..that needed me to wipe her face off.
Ellie my princess I loved spending a wonderful night at the ball with you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ohhh Olivia...

Tonight has been a pretty eye opening evening. My youngest little girl and I are spending the evening together while Mommy and Ellie are out at a birthday party. So to start the night I didn't feel like making dinner. So after we shared our pasta from Smokey Mountain, we were snuggling on the couch and she kept babbling. Not thinking much of it I was just pretending to understand and talking back to her with the typical daddy talk and asking her questions to generate more conversation. All the sudden I realize she is saying "pomball...pomball". Well, I then realized that my 14 mo. old was a genius. She pointed to the TV again and said "pomball..pomball". That's right FOOTBALL was on and she knew it. Then she wandered off down the hallway and then into her playroom. I heard start saying "Jeea...Jeea". She came and got me and took to the playroom where I say the problem. You see she likes to sing into her little broom handle and the only thing she really sings is "Jesus"(Jeea). The broom was stuck behind some other things and she really wanted to worship! Kids get way more than we think. I love my girls.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well it's October. It used to be that this time of year was my least favorite, times are changing. My wife has been trying to convince me that fall is the best time of year, you know the leaves are turning, soup and hot drinks, the normal seasonal "I am so tired of 100 degree stuff". Ya that stuff is OK but please it is all about the Red Sox being in the playoffs, hunting, and yes my birthd....scratch that, this is the year we stop counting.

So the one thing that I love about America's Pastime is that young or old we all wish we could be "that guy" playing. For the more advanced in years its all about the days of old and what may have been and for the younger generation it is still "The Dream". I guess my point on this thought is engages us all. We all some how, some way embrace Baseball. I guess you could hate it for whatever reason, but why? It's October! How can you hate playoff baseball? Tonight after the Red Sox won, my little girl needed some incentive to put eye drops in her eyes. Well for any of you 4 people reading this that have or have had a four year old you know that you do whatever is needed to get your child to comply with Dr.'s orders. Well, it's October. And what else does a daddy do that is trying to educate his child in America's Greatest Game ever played? You say, "if you let daddy put your eye drops in we can go in the back yard to baseball". Already dressed in our pj's, pink bat and pink ball in hand, we head to the back yard at 10:00pm with the one back yard light we have on, playing baseball. Now I cannot tell you that I hate October anymore. It just became my favorite month. Just me and my little girl playing baseball in the dark, something she will remember forever. It may not have Los Angelas vs. Boston but in my book it was the best game of the our own little Fenway.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well the number seven has come and now gone. Jenn and I are celebrating today, our seventh anniversary. If you would have asked me what I would picture things to be like after seven years of marriage, I'm not sure I would have had a ton more aspirations. If you look at the natural side of things, ya we are blessed. We have a beautiful home, good jobs, cars, friends and we can't forget all of the places we have seen already. On the Family side of things we have two incredible little girls and an amazing relationship. Spiritually God has been with us through some rough stuff and also blessed us when we have not deserved any of it. His grace is amazing and his plan is perfect.
-Jenn you are so amazing. You have put up with selfishness and stupidity. You have been one of the most selfless people I know. You love me through "good times and bad" and don't think twice about it. Your are one amazing mom. Ellie and Olivia love you so much. Thanks for everything you have done to make our house a home and our relationship a marriage. I love you so much.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It was a good one

Well I took a mini strike from blogging. I know if I am going to blog I have to do it more frequently to create traffic and interest in what I am writing about. Well I am questioning my abilities to write and keep up with the likes of my good friends Shane Grove, Marcus Hackler, crayonsinmybriefcase(my fav) and a ton of others. Without trying to be corny I just wanted to take a minute and thank God for a great weekend.
We had a great weekend at church with just a ton of things going on, awesome people and the presence on Jesus. It never ceases to amaze me how good God is. It's cool that when we do what we are supposed to, like show up ready to worship him, that he blesses us with his goodness. Anyway nothing goofy or long this time...just grateful.