Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So if you had a posse of people that you rolled with, who would be in it? That's exactly what my friend Bejay and I thought about and came up with. You walk into a room, who walks in with you? You stop to take a picture, who's in the background with you? You pull up in your ride, what are you rolling in? Well this is how Sebastian and Bejay roll.
Number one man for me, Bob Ross. Who doesn't want that paintbrush backing you up? Number two John Stamos. Now I am not talking about John now in the present, I'm talking about Jesse and the Rippers John. Mullet, rock star, and the 80's. oh yes! Number three was the toughest choice of all. There are two people that serve the same purpose but go about it two different ways. Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris. I am a huge 24 fan but not everybody likes Jack. I choose Chuck. Next is someone to make you laugh. Chris Rock. He will make you laugh. Maybe not the cleanest mouth but I could think of a lot worse. When your rolling you need political influence and what better guy than the one Republican that can get millions of democrats to vote for him...Arnold. He has international connections as well as strength himself in case some one needs persuaded(you know to back up Chuck). Now I know that that is 5 people and i said give me your best 5, well one more that we think is a must is Emmanuel Lewis. He hangs with Arnold.
How do we get from one place to another you ask? A 1978 Scout International. I don't think I need to explain the picturesqueness of the seven of us cruisin in that. Bob's fro, Jesse's mullet with nothing but wind telling it who's boss. Arnold with the little guy sittin right beside him in one seat belt. Chuck is navigating while Chris drives through the streets of Kuna. All while Bejay and Sebastian stand in the back leaning on the roll bar of our Scout just lookin on like we own the world.
Who would be in your posse and how would you roll? Lets see what kind of awesome teams that we can come up with.