Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Seasons!

Anticipation. I do believe that this would be the word of the month. Every turn in life brings "new" things, and before every turn comes...anticipation. "What in the world is around the corner?" I think the last sign I saw while driving down the road of life was the sign that had an arrow that curved about four times and had the slow down to 30 miles an hour post underneath it. I think many of you are probably in the same boat but maybe on a different mountain road or even heading down the straight stretches were the speed has been posted at 65 but you know that there are no cops and can go 80 if you want.
I know all two of you reading this blog right now are rubbing your eyes and thinking this guy is boring me to death with his metaphors and life stories. Hang around it could get interesting.
The quickest curve in the road came the other day when I went to the Dr. Now the guy is cool and knows his stuff but anyone that tells me that they are going to cut into my back and start removing things because they "have a hunch I may have problems down the road," well I appreciate but, it makes you think. Oh the anticipation. What will they find? How will it feel? How long 'til I'm able to function normally and not have to worry about pulling stitches out? Yikes! Well there is a lot of anticipation but,...I do have a lot of peace too. I now things are going to work out fine.
On top of that, a new boss that I do believe will do myself and my co-workers a lot of good. But once again...the anticipation. I don't know yet, he starts in a week or so. Change is coming... but how?
I have to admit, when I made up in my mind that I was going to start blogging, I did not have the intention of sitting down on my second entry to write out life lessons and random one word phrases like "Anticipation". Ya it kinda caught me off guard.
So vacation is around the corner...and with that comes, you guest it.....airplane food. (Now we are getting closer to "The Dream") We are going back to Alaska for two weeks of soggy bliss. I say that with a bit of sarcasm, because one of the last times I went we had record temperatures of over 90 degrees for something like ten days. Anyone that has every been to Southeast Alaska, or any part of Alaska for that matter, knows that people in Alaska have now reason to own an air conditioning unit just like they have no reason for a sprinkler system. This was one of the most miserable trips to Alaska I have been on. Hot and muggy! I did not know that Horse fly got that big and can carry small people off to eat them. It was awful. We will not have that happen help me.
Well my wife tells me that I have to write more. "it keeps the traffic coming through" I'm told. Well I will do my best. I will try to how you say, keep up.
Until next time,