Monday, October 6, 2008


Well it's October. It used to be that this time of year was my least favorite, times are changing. My wife has been trying to convince me that fall is the best time of year, you know the leaves are turning, soup and hot drinks, the normal seasonal "I am so tired of 100 degree stuff". Ya that stuff is OK but please it is all about the Red Sox being in the playoffs, hunting, and yes my birthd....scratch that, this is the year we stop counting.

So the one thing that I love about America's Pastime is that young or old we all wish we could be "that guy" playing. For the more advanced in years its all about the days of old and what may have been and for the younger generation it is still "The Dream". I guess my point on this thought is engages us all. We all some how, some way embrace Baseball. I guess you could hate it for whatever reason, but why? It's October! How can you hate playoff baseball? Tonight after the Red Sox won, my little girl needed some incentive to put eye drops in her eyes. Well for any of you 4 people reading this that have or have had a four year old you know that you do whatever is needed to get your child to comply with Dr.'s orders. Well, it's October. And what else does a daddy do that is trying to educate his child in America's Greatest Game ever played? You say, "if you let daddy put your eye drops in we can go in the back yard to baseball". Already dressed in our pj's, pink bat and pink ball in hand, we head to the back yard at 10:00pm with the one back yard light we have on, playing baseball. Now I cannot tell you that I hate October anymore. It just became my favorite month. Just me and my little girl playing baseball in the dark, something she will remember forever. It may not have Los Angelas vs. Boston but in my book it was the best game of the our own little Fenway.