Monday, April 27, 2009


It's been a pretty normal day thus far...well up until a few moments ago. Ellie and I were enjoying some time bowling on the wii and Jen was watching some videos on her computer. Ellie was wanting to be a four year old and watch videos at the same time, and for those of you that are type "A" like myself and need to keep a schedule even when it comes to video games, knows doing both was not an option.-FINISH THE GAME, then we can watch. Well I could here the videos go from singing and dancing and laughter to a familiar voice. At this point I'm done with wanting to finish this game and to be honest the four year old was getting on my nerves. Frustrated and ready for bed we finally finished the game...then I really began to listen. Steven Curtis Chapman was singing and explaining why he wrote the song Cinderella. For those of you that are not familiar with the song or story, he lost one of his little girls not that long ago and she was only a few months older than Ellie is now. Knowing that and hearing the song brought tears to my eyes in only seconds. As I he was saying, "cherish every second and moment" I looked down to see my little girl standing in my size 10 tennis shoes watching the screen with not a care in the world. My frustration had disappeared and the only thing I wanted, was to hold her. I listened to the rest of the song with her asking me why I was crying and if I was gonna cry all night.

As Jen and I put her to bed she prayed one of her best prayers and thanked Jesus for EVERYTHING, even his blood that he shed on the cross for us all. I almost got saved all over again. Then I said "your my girl" as I always say when I leave her and she said, like she always does, "your my boy"!

Lesson tonight: don't be stupid. Its only a bowling game...and she's four...and your her world. Just enjoy it while I have it to enjoy.


*kk* said...

so encouraging! loved it Mike, your a great writer..

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Beautifully put! You are a good dad, it shows, as your girls are wonderful. You and Jen are amazing parents. Yes, Steven Curtis Chapman has a great story to tell that makes us all stop an think. God Bless!

The Meredith Family said...

So true!! A guy I went to high school with died today and I have been thinking all day long that it could be gone just like that in a flash at any time.. Jesus could take us home, and that would be great too... but lets not miss what we have here on earth! Great story Mike.. Thanks for sharing. She sure does sound like a sweet little girl!