Monday, November 3, 2008

Ohhh Olivia...

Tonight has been a pretty eye opening evening. My youngest little girl and I are spending the evening together while Mommy and Ellie are out at a birthday party. So to start the night I didn't feel like making dinner. So after we shared our pasta from Smokey Mountain, we were snuggling on the couch and she kept babbling. Not thinking much of it I was just pretending to understand and talking back to her with the typical daddy talk and asking her questions to generate more conversation. All the sudden I realize she is saying "pomball...pomball". Well, I then realized that my 14 mo. old was a genius. She pointed to the TV again and said "pomball..pomball". That's right FOOTBALL was on and she knew it. Then she wandered off down the hallway and then into her playroom. I heard start saying "Jeea...Jeea". She came and got me and took to the playroom where I say the problem. You see she likes to sing into her little broom handle and the only thing she really sings is "Jesus"(Jeea). The broom was stuck behind some other things and she really wanted to worship! Kids get way more than we think. I love my girls.

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Kelly Wilde said...

ok, honestly this story blessed me!!! You have the most amazing girls!!